Saturday, 1 October 2011

We Bought a Zoo

Just finished reading Benjamin Mee's 'We Bought a Zoo' in which he talks about how he and his family purchased Dartmoor Zoo and turned what was a run down park on the verge of closure into a success. Its a really well written book (Mee was a journalist before becoming a Zoo owner/director) and its been a pleasure to read. Quite sad at times as he talks about coming to terms with the grief of his wife's death, but also quite inspiring when you think of the challenges he and his family took on suddenly taking care of the welfare of 40 odd wild animals, several staff and the responsibility that comes with a Zoo (electricity bills average £6,000 a month). I had seen a little of 'Ben's Zoo' the documentary series which was shown on BBC 2, but reading the book painted a far more vivid and entertaining viewpoint. I'd recommend it.
The book has now been made into a film due to be released in the US this Dec. Benjamin Mee is played by Matt Damon (I'm sure he's very flattered.... Ben not Matt) and the Zoo has moved to California rather than Dartmoor....still it saved them having to do daft British accents. Seems like they have added the mandatory mushy romance, Mee falls for one of the female keepers, but looks like it has potential....

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