Sunday 22 January 2012

Oh Yes it is!' Exhibition at Bantock House

I take down the 'Oh Yes it is - A history of Pantomime!' exhibition tomorrow at Bantock House in Wolverhampton. The exhibition was linked to the popular Pantomime at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre each year. 
When I was approached by the museum for an exhibition I decided to use Victorian Toy Theatre's with Victorian pantomime toy theatre sheets depicting the panto 'Mother Goose' with the Commedia Del'Arte characters; Harlequin, Columbine etc and also Victorian Marionettes and costumes. In particular Joey Grimaldi the most famous of clowns, and a particular favourite of mine, who went some way to making the Panto what we know it as today. Items on display come from my own collection and the Puppet Centre's.