Friday, 28 October 2011

Bill Plympton

Just got back from the Flip Festival in Wolverhampton - great line up this year and it started with the brilliant and amazingly talented Bill Plympton. I have loved Bill's work and style for many years so when I was looking through the schedule last month I couldn't actually believe he was going to be there, I thought I'd read it wrong and it was just the showing of the new documentary on him....but no, he was going to be there and giving a masterclass in the afternoon followed by an evening of short films and a Q&A. What a brilliant opportunity!
It didn't disappoint, I have to say Bill is one of the most pleasant, down to earth and generous (with time and advice) people you could wish to meet. In his Masterclass he talked openly about his career, the highs and the lows, how he funds his many projects and the almost exhaustive process that he goes through to create his unique animations. Working independently he funds all of his own projects and animates everything himself with a small team of people who assist in production, colouring etc. He still works traditionally in pencil (although mentioned that the Cintiq may well tempt him one day) and his work has that pureness about it that would be lost with too much digital input. If you are not familiar with his work I urge you to have a look at his website and his blog Scribble Junkies and if that's not enough then he has a brilliant new book out 'Independently Animated: Bill Plympton The life and art of the king of Indie Animation' - I had my copy with me in the hope I might get the chance to get it soon as Bill saw I had it he took it off me and proceeded to draw my caricature inside...I couldn't believe it!! I was hoping for a signature but now I had my very own Bill Plympton caricature! Thank you Bill....look forward to seeing all of your future work.
some photos from the day/evening...

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