Monday 30 April 2012

Liverpool's Sea Odyssey

I’m really delayed in writing this, but had a fantastic weekend in Liverpool for their Sea Odyssey festival with Royal De Luxe’s amazing Giant figures. There doesn’t appear to be any company quite like Royal De Luxe, and kudos to Liverpool and all involved in arranging the logistics of such a fantastic day. It can’t have been easy closing all those roads and just administering the movement of the huge puppets from one end of the city to the other, but it was so worth it.

 Literally thousands of people lined the streets to watch in awe as these larger than life characters roamed around puppeteered by some of the most energetic and enthusiastic performers you could wish to see. From the excitable and brilliantly life like dog, his tongue was wet and he even had a wee in the street! 

To the rather eerie site of the 50 ft tall diver slowly lumbering his way along roads where he could glance into 2nd and 3rd floor windows with ease. My favourite though has to be the little girl giant, I think possibly because she is so life like, eerily life like, but at the same time representing such a big, monstrous marionette. 

The rustic slightly unfinished nature of the Royal De Luxe creations gives it that steam punk, mad inventor type feel that makes you wonder in awe how they got the things to move at all. It’s all looks a little haphazard thrown together (in a good way) natural and effortless, however anything that looks this good clearly has taken years to perfect. Well done to all involved, I hope this is just the beginning of more exciting collaborations between Royal Deluxe and Liverpool.

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