Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Museum of Everything

“Like a creaky ghost train ride with lots of unexpected corners that take people by surprise!" that's how James Brett, the curator of 'The Museum of Everything', describes the latest exhibition which he co-curated with Pop Artist Peter Blake.
We have loaned some Punch & Judy Puppets and a Punch booth from our collection to the exhibition and went and set them up last Monday, two days before it opened to the public. These now stand alongside a magnificant set of Punch puppets from Peter Blakes collection, together with a vent Dummy and other puppets and empemera. 

We were fortunate to be able to have a roam around the exhibition before it opened, which is being housed in a former Victorian Dairy (behind the library) off Primrose Hill, London. I won't ruin it by describing what is there, because you really do need to visit to get the full experience 9and a few surprises!), but it is a fantastic collection of Victorian curiosites and entertainment from Circus, puppetry, fairgrounds and even the great Walter Potter taxidemery (more on that later......) The exhibition runs from now (Oct) until Dec 24th and i couldn't recommened it - you should go and see it - it's candy floss for your eyes!

For more info check out their website: The Museum of Everything

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